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The foundation of BSL is built by its strong Vision and Mission, which echoes the invincible conviction of the firm for its noble, responsible and economically beneficial goals. The firm's unequivocal solutions - LTMF and ITOEM stands as the testament to the expertise of the partners, who invests their time and efforts genuinely for the success of all to whom they are 'Committed to'. The 'Values' of the firm demonstrates its indelible culture that vanguards all its endeavours to a notable success.


  • Social and Economic Responsibility
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Time
  • Trust
  • Attitude


  • Clients
  • Government
  • Employees
  • Stakeholders
  • Community
  • Associated Service Providers

BSLS Advantage

  • Result Oriented Approach - Legitimate, Timely and Implementable Solutions
  • Subject Matter Expert - In-depth Knowledge in Taxation and Efficiency Management
  • Up-to-date - Stay Contemporary of the Dynamic and Complex Laws/Updates/Notifications
  • Transparency - The Source of Confidence
  • 'Do it First, Do it Different, Do it Accurate' Approach - Performance Differentiator
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